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Welcome to Behavioral Support Service! We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, individual-focused, and person-centered behavior support programs for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Our goal is to empower individuals to live their lives to the fullest, regardless of their behavioral challenges.

At Behavioral Support Service, our team of trained and experienced professionals collaborates with affiliate specialists to develop personalized behavior support plans for each individual. We understand that every person is unique, and we tailor our plans to address their specific needs. By taking a person-centered approach, we ensure that the support provided is effective and aligned with the individual’s goals.

Our dedicated professionals work closely with individuals to implement behavior support plans and provide guidance during challenging times. We believe in the importance of ongoing support to help individuals achieve behavior stability and overcome obstacles. Our team is committed to being there every step of the way, offering encouragement, guidance, and assistance when needed.

Through our comprehensive behavior support programs, we aim to enhance the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. We believe that with the right support and guidance, individuals can overcome behavioral challenges and reach their full potential.

Join us at Behavioral Support Service and let us help you or your loved one live a fulfilling and empowered life, regardless of behavioral challenges. We are here to support you on your journey toward behavior stability and personal growth.

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